June 8th



Life is a series of accidents and intentions, in this way it is allegorical to cooking. If your mistakes are forgiven, at times there is the opportunity for a beautiful dish. If not, often, people stop cooking.



Look for any excuse to break bread with your love…

Ancienne bread, olive oil…5

chevre & wildflower honey …8



time does beautiful things to beef, this is a simple way to show that

Very aged beef tartar, beef tallow, long pickled cabbage



When you are passing all of those wildflowers on the side of the road…we are stopping for them

Goat’s cheese flan, beets, carrots, pecans, vinaigrette, wildflowers



One of the most comfortable things in the world…pizzetta or pisaladierre, from street food to bistros and tratorria, a flatbread finds a place

Flatbread, cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic, confit mushrooms, Spanish chorizo, feta



The journey from provence to catalonia is made all the more narrow culinarily, funny how thoughts and ideas about a dish pop up simultaneously and in different places

Seared scallops provencal, absinthe, tomato, basil, fried bread



These tomatoes came from the chef’s garden mostly, with a little help from the vegetable whisperer…Curtis Tiemann

Heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, melon, basil, tomato vinaigrette














My mother rarely cooked…my father did, however love a good steak, or a bad one for that matter, which my mom was always prepared to make

Filet of beef, char, potatoes lyonaisse, sauce of mushrooms, madeira and tomato



Some people have said our portions are small…we beg to differ

16 oz. texas wagyu ribeye, fried onions, jalapeno cream, potatoes lyonaisse



If it was not for a duck, there would be no cooking here, there would be no me, no you, no us.

Roast duck, peaches, polenta, basil



As a child I though fish only came in boxes in the shape of perfect squares. It was not until my mother took me to a restaurant called patou that I first had salmon, or real fish for that matter.

Salmon, yellow tomato, saffron, sweet corn, risotto, basil aioli



From my garden and local farms…this is a beautiful farmed chicken breast salad

Fire roasted chicken breast, sofrito, cucumber, heirloom tomatoes, lettuces, jalapeno vinaigrette, blackberries, bee tree chevre, herbs



Pork chop

Heritage breed pork chop, sauce of summer fruits, sweet corn fritters



An American Bouillabaisse in Texas

Sweet corn broth, peppers, yellow tomatoes, sofrito oil, scallop, shrimp, mussels, charred bread, jalapeno rouille


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