July 19th 2043






Look for any excuse to break bread with your love…

ancienne bread, olive oil…5

Bee tree chevre & honey…8





Time does beautiful things to beef, this is a simple way to show that

beef tartar, roasted garlic, fermented tomato, cucumber aioli




Something simple, something summer

Heirloom tomato tart, fresh heirloom tomatoes, bee tree feta, balsamic reduction with ginger, olive oil



There is nothing that says summer is here… like tomatoes

Sweet corn pudding, cucumber rice “dolma”, Senegalese cilantro sauce, marinated tomato & chilies de padron




Simple cuisine of the sun

Scallops, pistou, basils, fumet



Ham & melons…

house cured guanciale, chilies, sugar cube melons, salt



Don’t forget to degorge the eggplant, it tames the bitterness

Terrine of charred eggplant with chevre, tomatoes, pesto, bread



The Head of the class

Tete du cochon, beet mustard pickled things















My mother rarely cooked…my father did, however love a good steak, or a bad one for that matter, which my mom was always prepared to make

Filet of beef, char, confit of new moon potatoes, smoked jus with chili & tomato




If it was not for a duck, there would be no cooking here, there would be no me, no you, no us.

Roast duck, sauce guajillo, carrot puree, pickled okra



If a fish were lost in my garden, he would come out looking like this, which is more or less what happened

Roasted mahi mahi, brown butter mousseline, tomato terrine, toasted crouton, saffron, guanciale



A dish with as many truths as falsehoods, a tradition without tradition…coq au vin…blanc

Pressed chicken (bourride) garlic, citrus, basil, roasted beets, turmeric, cardamom


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