Dinner Menu 3/8/17





Tell yourself a story, do something different, try something new.


The first sign of spring brings morel mushrooms and strawberries. Sorrel is popping in the fields, alliums are starting to flower.






Break Bread with your love

herbed butter… 3



Leaves of grass…salads are little poems

Escarole, strawberries, dill & yoghurt vinaigrette




In 1945, mygrandfather’s cousin Sydney wanted nothing more in the world than strawberries and cream

Strawberries, rose, beets, honey doe chevre, almonds, sorrel



Goats…they are playful. They eat anything, they ate the roof of my dad’s car once.

Braised goat, balsamic, falafel, yoghurt, cauliflower, ras al hanout, wild brassica



A rabbit and so many things that it eats, wild and cultivated. With a soup that is older than all of us.

Rillettes of rabbit, sorrel vichyssoise, green garlic, shallots, caraway, coffee Dijon vinaigrette




Where I grew up shrimp are taken from the creeks. Charleston is redolent with the smell of shrimp and the smell of pork. In Texas there is beef, so they meet, but not in the ususal way.

Charred shrimp, spinach, thai basil & kaffir lime leaf, cauliflower & turmeric, marrow vinaigrette













One time a duck saved my life, a duck saved my restaurant, unfortunately for ducks it was the cooked version that did so…so we cook a lot of ducks.

Roasted boneless half duck, lime beans, sorrel, sauce of morel mushrooms




My grandmother made brisket, all the time, it was the only thing she could cook.it was amazing, but it was made with canned soups…who knew?

Wagyu Brisket in tagine, couscous, strawberries, honey, saffron, greens, preserved lemon, coriander



My father was paralyzed in Vietnam, so I was always curious about this place. I wanted to the learn the cuisine, the window into culture and history

Loch Duarte salmon, carrot dumplings, smoked kaffir lime leaf, radish, orange, Vietnamese coriander vinaigrette



My great grandmother Anna cooked like an angel. She roasted chicken often, so obviously angels cook chicken.

Crispy breast of chicken, confit of leg & thigh, basil crepe, sauce supreme with morel/mushrooms, arugula




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