April 16th, 2017



Tell yourself a story, do something different, try something new.

The wild flowers are here, the chanterelles are coming, the tomatoes are starting to rustle…things are good with the universe




Bread is life…


ancienne, wildflower honey, olive oil…5

bee tree feta… add 5





the flowers on the roadside are not just flowers, if you take the time to learn them, they tell you things

Goat’s cheese flan, pecans, beets, carrots, flowers, citrus, , green vinaigrette




Fields of indian paintbrush are lit up under the feet of cattle, the cedar breaks on the horizon.

Tartar of beef, cedar, wildflowers, herbs aioli




The smell of smoke possesses a peculiar and visceral rusticity and comfort, with gnocchi, this is a tale of two comforts

Ricotta gnocchi, smoked tomato, charred green beans, wild onions




I remember the first time I made pate, I was terrified. There is something so magical about pate that seemed beyond me. Maybe it still is.

Pate, dewberry, verbena, pickled things, bread




Salmon at odds with it’s environment. First rule with salmon…make it assimilate

Rillettes of salmon, olive oil, stewed tomato, wild things, charred bread



Not all things are as they seem

Foie gras








The first time I saw a tagine, I thought I found the cuisine of wonderland…a dish through the cooking glass

Lamb shank, couscous, ras al hanout, preserved lemon, honey, saffron, raisin, tomato, olives, vegetables



Scallops are delicate, treat them so or they will not be liked. They let you know when you have treated them poorly.

Scallops, tabouleh, tomato beurre fondue, wild onion, rice wine gastrique





The Mother sauce has been cooking for almost a year, it has everything in it. It is the mother because it nurtures each iteration of sauces to become itself into perpetuity

Filet of beef, sauce diable with tomato & mother sauce, pommes puree



A duck saved my life once…maybe it can save yours

Duck, sauce bigerade, polenta



The cuisine of the sun…provence…morocco…it is a culture suffused with the sun. the sun is the most brilliant chef.

Mahi, snapper, tomatoes, couscous, olives, preserved lemon, almond, artichoke


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