Spring Wine Dinner April 26th


Walking east along latitude 30.63 out of Texas meadows and wildflowers over rivers and oceans, moving along on a raft of olive oil into the markets of Marrakesh, we emerge from the floral perfumes and clouds of spice into the mercurial kitchen of The Hollow and back out again into the ancient cuisine of Jerusalem. This is a Texas spring blooming beyond the oceans of the world into cultures known and forgotten, comfortable and unfamiliar to appoint continents distant with wild verbena and tomatoes.


Amuse bouche

Squash blossoms, tomato, feta, hummus, olive oil, spices



Crudo of snapper, wildflowers, raw vegetables, citrus, chilies, charmoula, pickled chick peas, tahini

Grilled octopus, tomato, olive, mint, olive oil, preserved lemon, watercress, bulghur wheat, parsley

Veal, mushrooms, cucumber, potato, shallot, nettles

Truffled cheese, assorted honeys, grilled flatbread

Dewberry tart, verbena sorbet


Your dinner includes the menu above with all courses thoughtfully paired with wines by Mr. Juan Carlos Flores of The Hollow team at a cost of 95.00 per person not to include tax & gratuity. There is no additional cost for the rousing discussion and good times.

If you would like to reserve a place for this very special dinner please call The Hollow at 512.868.3300 or email us at thehollowbistro@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you.


The Hollow is located at 708 S. Austin Ave. on the beautiful Georgetown Square